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Baby DevelopmentFrom First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a...

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 “Inchstone” Moments That Deserve a Party

“Small progress is still progress.” This is what we commonly hear when we’re celebrating the small achievements we make in any aspect of our lives. 

But as parents, we’re “trained” to celebrate only the major milestones.  We fail to realize that these big wins are made up of tiny wins, which are also worth celebrating. 

Whether you’re a new parent or a parent of a special needs kid, know that at least 8 inchstone moments are worth throwing a party for.

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 “Inchstone” Moments That Deserve a Party

Unlike before when parents only focused on the major milestones, the smallest inchstones are also celebrated nowadays.

This new parenting trend comes from parents of special needs kids celebrating their small wins. As milestones take a longer time to achieve for kids with developmental delays, their parents prefer to focus more on their small wins.

No matter the speed your child’s pacing, here are eight inchstone moments that every parent can document and appreciate.

1. Rolling Over (the Floor!)

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party Rolling Over

Human babies, especially newborns, are the most helpless among all the animal species in the world. Everything they need to survive in this world should be provided by their doting parents.

Otherwise… You know what happens next.

Even the simplest changing of positions to avoid flat head syndrome should be done by their parents. No wonder new parents are downright exhausted during the fourth trimester.

But once your baby learns to roll from his back to the tummy and vice versa, you should celebrate it! No more being stuck in one position — they can finally discover the world without relying too much on your help.

Just don’t let your guard down though. As this is the precursory skill for crawling, be ready for your little rolling stone to take off at top speed!

2. Baby’s First Tooth 

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party Baby's First Tooth

Nothing beats the sight of your baby’s first little tooth peeking through his gums! Whether his first pearly white appears at 6 months or 12 months, this tiny thing is a huge deal!

Not only does this inchstone signify that your little human is growing, but it also is his ticket to the world of solid foods! This also means you survived the drool-soaked fussy days of teething!

Now you’ve got some meal planning to do. But worry not — your child’s pediatrician certainly is your best resource for this. Just follow the guidelines for introducing solid food for your wee one.

Or you can check out this video: 

3. Baby Sleeping Through the Night

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party Baby's Sleeping Through the Night

All parents, new and veteran, would agree that this inchstone is the most anticipated. Some would even consider this as a miracle!

But while the newborn scrunch is something you’ll miss, having dark circles under your eyes isn’t. While they need 14-17 hours of sleep daily, they don’t have the concept of day and night. Hence the frequent night waking.

Add that these little humans need to be fed every 2-3 hours, whether they’re bottle- or breastfed.

Once your baby starts sleeping throughout the night, you feel like you scaled your first mountain and planted a flag at its peak! No more night wakings, and no more hushed debates about whose turn it is for baby duty.

4. First Baby Giggle

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party First Baby Giggle

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing your baby’s first giggle! Though this doesn’t happen between 3 and 4 months, those early smiles mean they’re becoming more aware of their world.

Whatever you did to elicit that pure, unadulterated laughter, keep doing it. This is an inchstone you definitely must not miss as it only means your wee one is developing his sense of humor.

So, start practicing your funny faces and silly antics. Do whatever it takes to keep those angelic giggles coming!

5. First Army Crawl

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party First Baby Crawl

Now that your wee one’s more curious, he surely wants to be on the move. But as their leg muscles aren’t developed yet, they have to content themselves with crawling.

While this is a welcome inchstone, you’re seeing a preview of your energetic little Explorer! So brace yourself and start building up your stamina before that happens.

Oh, and don’t forget to baby-proof your home as well. If you’re at a loss on where to start, you can refer to The Bump’s ultimate baby-proofing checklist for a headstart.

And then, you can start planning a fun baby race with your fellow parents like the one in this video.

6. The First (of Many) Dry Nights

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party First Dry Night

Learning how to use the toilet for peeing and the number 2 act is a skill that every child should master. But the road to becoming fully potty trained isn’t an easy feat for all parents to hurdle.

Yet, if your child successfully becomes potty trained and stays dry throughout the night, no more midnight diaper changes! Not only is this a sign that your kiddo’s more independent, but it also means no more diaper-buying sprees!

You can then use the extra funds to buy your little one a new cape for becoming an official nighttime champion!

7. First Words

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party First Words

Out of all the inchstones mentioned, hearing your baby speak his first few words calls for a big celebration. Even if those words are technically word approximations, it’s a clear sign that your little human knows how to use verbal language. 

You’ll soon hear “ma-ma” or “da-da” and other common first words that babies say. But for now, relish the moment of hearing your wee one’s voice!

8. Spill-free Pouring

From First Tooth to Potty Training: 8 "Inchstone" Moments That Deserve a Party Spill-free Pouring

One pet peeve that most parents have when raising kids is the mess they make. But they’re not to blame for it. Developmentally speaking, their hands and their fine/gross motor skills aren’t refined yet. 

Again, every new skill needs to be mastered by your kids — including learning the ropes of pouring liquids without a spill. Instead of berating them for messing up your floor or kitchen counters, help and encourage them instead.

Take a look at this uncle patiently teaching his toddler niece to pour drinks mess-free. It sure took tons of practice on the little girl, but when those drinks finally made it to the pitcher, it was a big reason to toast their handiwork!


With these eight pint-sized victories, you’re guaranteed to pop some champagne — or maybe at least a juice box. No matter what your tiny human does, late or advanced, is worth celebrating.

After all, raising your kids in a loving and accepting environment is already an achievement. So, let’s raise our glasses and start cherishing all the inchstones we’ll witness from this day forward!


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