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Baby Essentials10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By)

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By)

Ahh, the joys of having a newborn baby in the house. The coos, the snuggles, the endless diaper changes, and sleepless nights.

If only there was a magic genie whom we could wish upon to make caring for a newborn easier.

Genie or no genie, fret no more! We’ve scoured the internet for you for the 10 lifesaving baby products that make caring for a newborn a breeze.

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By)

1. Baby Monitor 

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a must-have item in any household with newborns. Velcro baby or not, you want to make sure your little human is A-okay even when you’re a few rooms away from him.

Most baby monitors only allow you to check what’s happening in the nursery, but not the newborn’s physical status. The Owlet Baby Monitor becomes a game-changer in this arena.

With SIDS a looming threat in any baby’s life, this baby monitor can help you check your newborn’s vitals. Simply slip on the “Dream Sock” on your baby’s foot, and watch your baby’s vitals appear on the mobile app.

You even have the option to buy a hospital-grade “Dream Sock” or pair it with a camera to have a visual on your newborn.

You can also buy VTech’s Pan-Tilt-Zoom Baby Monitor if you prefer to have the 2-way talk feature. 

2. White Noise Machine

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) White Noise Machine
Photo Credit: Dreamegg on Amazon

The outside world is a strange place for every newborn. After staying inside the womb for 9 months, they find the heart’s constant lub-dub and the whooshing sound of blood flow comforting.

Hence, many newborns struggle to sleep without hearing white noise in the background. If this is your baby, then you better get a noise machine ASAP.

You can count on a vacuum cleaner or the hum of the washing machine to quiet your little one to bed. But can you take them out when you’re on a stroll? Not, right?

There are still debates on the benefits of exposing babies to white noise, but it won’t hurt to have one in your baby bag. Dreamegg is one portable noise machine you can buy from Amazon if you prefer a separate device.

You can also install a noise machine app on your phone instead of buying a separate device.

3. Feeding Pillow

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Feeding Pillow
Photo Credit: Momcozy on Amazon

Newborns love to guzzle on their milk for as long as they want. While this nourishes their tiny bodies, propping them upright (to avoid aspiration) makes your arms feel numb.

You can master bottle-feeding positions and breastfeeding holds, but having a support pillow works wonders.

You can buy a nursing pillow to help relieve the pressure off your neck and shoulders. You can even use it as a propping tool when burping the baby.

4. Burp Cloths and Bibs

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Baby Cloths and Bibs

Taking care of newborns can be messy. Spitups, drools, and even blowouts are something you don’t want on your Sunday’s best clothes. 

Hence, it’s a must-have for parents of newborns to have burp cloth on hand. You can use organic burp cloths or plain muslin burp cloths

I prefer using plain white ones as it’s easy to check for creepy crawlies like ants.

Or if you prefer to use something that you can repurpose once your baby grows, go for prefold cloth diapers. They still keep the mess away from you and your newborn’s clothes but at a fraction of the cost.

5. The Easy Bath Kit

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Easy Bath Kit

Bath time is one routine that most parents of newborns dread. Water + soap & shampoo + fragile baby aren’t always the best combination.

Even if you have a tub or sink, you’d want to bathe your little one with more support, especially in the neck region.

There are tons of bath sets and tubs you can buy on Amazon, but I prefer Skip Hop’s Moby 3-Stage Bath Gift Set

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) 3-Stage Bath Gift Set
 Photo Credit: Skip Hop on Amazon

Aside from its 3-stage tub (meaning it can support bathing newborns until older than 6 months), you also get a spout cover and a whale-shaped rinser. This way, every bath is a no-tears session.

6. Co-sleeper

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Co-Sleeper

Different households have different opinions about their sleeping arrangements with newborns. Some prefer to err on the safe side and follow the AAP’s safe sleep recommendations.

Others (including me and my husband) prefer to share their bed space with their newborns.

To each his own, but if you prefer to keep your bed space with the baby in the same room, invest in co-sleepers instead. 

A co-sleeper can be a bassinet or a crib that you can place beside your bed. This way, your newborn can sleep with you in the same room with a clear boundary.

7. Baby Lounger

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Baby Lounger

Having a newborn changes the dynamics of any family, especially those who have older kids to take care of. It would be a chore to bring the baby’s crib into the living room as you go about your daily tasks.

This is where the baby lounger comes in. It’s like a daybed for babies to sleep or lounge on while playing with their older siblings or observing their surroundings.

You can even use this as a prop for helping the baby stay upright in case he has reflux.

The good news is that there are baby loungers that are adjustable as the little one grows and are portable, too.

8. Changing Pads

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Changing Pads

Having a blowout can be a stressful situation if you don’t have a place to put the baby while changing nappies. Add that they can’t keep their fingers away from where the action is.

While you can use a blanket as a substitute, you would surely prefer to use an item dedicated to diaper changing only.

If you’re having trouble doing the dirty work, Skip Hop’s Wipe Clean Changing Pad is the one for you. Aside from its easy-clean feature (just wipe it down!), it also comes with a baby mobile to distract the baby.

It also has a belt to keep the baby in place during the diaper change.

But if you’re on the road, a portable changing station is what you should use. Any brand will do, as long as it has storage for baby wipes, clean diapers, and diaper cream while unfolding into a much-needed changing pad.

9. Stroller-Car Seat Combo

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Stroller-Car Seat Combo

Remember how you were required to install a car seat before you could discharge your newborn from the hospital? You’d also have to buy a stroller for when you want to bring your newest bundle of joy around town.

While these two devices are useful, they are bulky to bring around. Plus they consume too much car space.

So, you’d better buy a stroller and car seat combo. You can install them in your car like regular infant car seats, then prop them up as a stroller once you’re out and about. 

10. Diaper Bag

10 Lifesaving Baby Products (New Parents Swear By) Diaper Bag

Last, but not least on the list of must-haves for parents with newborns is a diaper bag

In it, you can put all the stuff needed for taking care of a baby, from baby bottles, changing pads, wipes, and even your laptop.

Just make sure that the diaper bag will help you keep things organized. You wouldn’t want to frantically search for wet wipes when you’ve got a big blowout to clean, right? 

Got To Buy ‘Em All!

These 10 genius baby products are a life-saver for every overwhelmed dad and mom out there. The fourth trimester is no easy feat to navigate.

But with these items on hand, life with a newborn becomes more bearable, even enjoyable.

If budget isn’t an issue, don’t forget to check them out of your carts! Your future sleep-deprived self definitely will thank you!


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