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ParentingVowels, Liquids, and A's: 12 Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends

Vowels, Liquids, and A’s: 12 Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends

In these tough times, we don’t need to be terror parents to raise resilient children. Though there are different parenting styles, gentle parenting is one of the best styles you can do for your children.

Gentle parenting focuses on 4 core elements: respect, empathy, understanding, and boundaries.

So if you’re an expecting parent, consider these 7 hottest name trends that align with the gentle parenting philosophy. 

Vowels, Liquids, and A’s: 7 Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends

Note: “Masculine” means for baby boy, “Feminine” means for baby girl, and “Gender-neutral” means for both boys and girls.

1. Nature Names

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends Nature Names

If you’re a big nature lover, it’s a no-brainer to select a baby name that reminds you of the beauty of nature. It’s like you’re bringing the beauty of nature indoors (literally and figuratively).

Some notable nature-themed names you can choose from include:


  • Means “a flowing body of water”
  • Represents life itself, its tranquility, and its ability to grow
  • Gender-neutral baby name


  • Refers to the greenery that grows in the shady, damp areas
  • Symbolizes the adaptability, resilience, and beauty that one can find in simplicity
  • More female-sounding name


  • French-inspired name that means “woods” or “woodsman”
  • Best for parents who want their babies to love the outdoors as well
  • Gender-neutral baby name


  • Derived from “welig,” the old English word for the willow tree
  • Symbolizes the gracefulness and the ability of willow trees to grow despite challenging conditions
  • Feminine baby name

2. Celestial Names

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends Celestial Names

Who doesn’t want the big outer space, right? You get to see stars, meteors, and celestial bodies.

Some notable cosmic monikers you can choose from include:


  • A Latin-derived name that means “moon”
  • Feminine baby name


  • The name of Jupiter’s moon
  • Associated with wonder, gentleness, and mystery
  • Masculine baby name


  • The famous constellation that can be seen around the world
  • A famous hunter in Greek mythology
  • Masculine baby name


  • Means “shining” or “star” in Sanskrit
  • Feminine baby name

3. Old Souls Names

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends Old Souls Names

Now if you’re into vintage themes, there are several names you can pick from that give off timeless, nostalgic vibes that are still on-trend.

Check out these old souls’ baby names below:


  • A Sanskrit-originating name that means “precious stone”
  • Refers to the multi-colored gem
  • Represents confidence and faithfulness, similar to the opal gem having multiple colors
  • Feminine baby name


  • Refers to the hazel tree that produces protective nuts
  • Signifies intuition, wisdom, and nurturing qualities
  • Feminine baby name


  • Derived from “artos,” which means “bear”
  • Is of Welsh, Celtic, and Latin origin
  • May also refer to the famous Middle Ages king, King Arthur
  • Masculine baby name


  • A famous wise king in the Bible
  • Comes from the Hebrew “shalom,” meaning “peace”
  • Masculine baby name

4. International Inspiration

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends International Inspiration

Baby names in this category are apt for little ones who come from diverse family backgrounds. In a way, your baby’s name celebrates not only a love that knows no bounds but also his or her global citizenry.

Take a look at these diversity-embracing baby names:

Luca | Lucca

  • Comes from the Italian “Luciana” meaning “bringer of light”
  • An alternative to “Lucas” or “Luke”
  • Gender-neutral baby name


  • Spanish-derived baby name meaning “island”
  • Represents the tropical weather and tranquil atmosphere of islands
  • Feminine baby name


  • Japanese in origin that means “wise” and “healthy”
  • Masculine baby name


  • Polish alternative for the Greek name “Cristopher”
  • This means “the bearer of Christ”
  • Masculine baby name

5. Virtue Names

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends Virtue Names

If you want your little one to have a moral headstart or imbue in life, virtue names are what you should start looking for. While most are gender-neutral, you can always find one that fits not only your baby’s gender but also his personality.

Some virtue names you can consider include:


  • Latin-derived name that refers to “divine grace”
  • Hints to gentle parenting moments of understanding and patience
  • Feminine baby name


  • Comes from the Latin “nobilis” meaning “of superior birth,” “high-born,” or “superior”
  • Gives the feeling of being distinguished
  • Masculine baby name


  • Of Latin origin meaning “harmony” and “friendship”
  • Reminds your child to 
  • Feminine baby name


  • Derived from a French word meaning “to hunt” or “huntsman”
  • Hints that your baby should pursue in life
  • Gender-neutral baby name

6. Gender Neutral Names

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends Gender Neutral Names

If you’re a parent who isn’t hung up on student stereotypes, then go for gender-neutral, aka unisex, baby names. Not only will your little one’s name be unique, but it also means your baby is ready to embrace all parts of his identity without labels.

Some gender-neutral names you can pick out include:


  • A British-Irish name that means “rye clearing” (rye, the cereal grain)
  • Represents your child’s ability to weather all challenges no matter how difficult they may be


  • Dutch-English name meaning “sky” and “scholar”
  • Hints that your baby should reach his highest potential


  • Gaelic in origin; means “wisdom” and “chief”
  • Indicates that your child will know how to take charge of his life and step back when needed


  • Greek origin name meaning “to endure”
  • Name of the Titan who carried the world over his shoulders
  • This name encourages your baby to find his or her inner strength 

7. Uplifting Word Names

Gentle Parenting-Approved Baby Name Trends Uplifting Word Names

Babies are little bundles of joy or rays of sunshine that come into every parent’s life. And, if you want to make your baby feel that he is the epitome of everything positive in this world, choose from these uplifting word names.


  • French for the word “sun”
  • Feminine baby name


  • Came from a British word that means “expedition”
  • Hints that your child will become adventurous and open-minded in life
  • Gender-neutral baby name


  • Comes from the Latin “veritas” meaning “truth”
  • Hints that your baby will live an honest life, true to his or herself
  • Feminine baby name


  • Comes from the Hebrew name of King David’s son, Absalom, meaning “man of peace”
  • If you consider its Norse origin “Asketil,” it means “cauldron”
  • Masculine baby name


Wow! You’ve got twelve new baby name trends to consider when choosing your new bundle of joy’s name. You don’t have to rush though — 9 long months is enough to select a special name.

No matter what name you end up picking, the most vital thing is you’re showering your tiny human with all the world’s tenderness.


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